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Router & Extender Technical Support

Linksys is a well-known home networking brand when it comes to routers and extenders. If you have a Linksys device at your place, there is no limit of sharing data and connecting within your home networks. Linksys is a global brand for a reason!

As a Linksys technical support company, believe great projects come out of great minds. So, with our incredible expertise and dedication, we have crafted our devices to deliver powerful networking and sharing performances. Stay light years ahead with the unmatched internet devices at your home andoffices.

We provide support in following areas:

We at Linksys provide best technical support in various domains like Router support, Extender support, Wireless range extender Support, Extender setup etc. We are team of professionals who are fully dedicated towards the work. We believe in quality work and try to satisfy the customer.

About Us

We are an online service provider for Linksys routers and extenders, our team of certified technicians are all set to deliver unmatched services to the customers.

We are a team of certified network professional who are ready to help the customers across the world cope up with the home and small business network based bottlenecks and glitches.

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linksys support

Why Linksys Devices Are The Best?

Unmatched Wireless Connectivity

A Linksys wireless router as well as the Linksys wireless range extender makes it possible for every home networking device to deliver tremendous internet access. This is made possible with the advanced networking framework installed in these devices.

Ease Of Installation

Installation usually takes a few seconds, and you can connect your devices takes by simply typing in the network password just once. To begin with, you need to connect your computer with the access point or router and follow some easy steps provided in the Linksys setup wizard.

Round The Clock Technical Support

Although there will be only a few moments when you will be in need of a technical assistance, but when you do so, you are backed up with a team of certified networking technicians. Linksys extender technical assistance and help is available round the clock so that you enjoy your network without any problem or glitches and get yourself a technician as soon as you need one.

Shared Usage

Your internet service provider offers you with a certain amount of bandwidth. You use this over all your wired and wireless devices which share the same network. With too many devices sharing the similar bandwidth, the network gets too busy or occupied and you get poor internet connection after some time. The Linksys wireless routers and wifi range extenders manage the network usage and make sure that your devices are allocated with the strongest bandwidth.

Immensely Flexible

One of the best ways by which you enjoy Linksys router setup and Linksys extender setup is the flexibility to use your devices the way you want them to. You can easily transfer files from one device to another or print wirelessly, Linksys devices will make everything possible for you.

Why Linksys Support?

Serving all your demands

Whether your home network needs a quick check-up or the entire network needs to be configured from the ashes our support services has got you covered.

Networking intelligence

We are a proud team of certified technicians. Our industry level expertise will help you get the best and reliable solutions. You can share the problems you face with us and we will provide you the best solutions.

Keeping Technology Up To The Minute

Our research and development team explore the global web for reliable and robust technologies and serve it to you. You get the highest quality of services.

Only the BEST

Our services are technical, however we treat our customers as our family and strive for fruitful and long term relations. This is the reason our customers have been with us for 6+ years. We open heartedly invite you to get in touch with us and experience IT support like never before. If you’re looking out for a friendly,reliable, always ready to assist kind of technicians, we are the technical support services you will enjoy getting along with.

linksys support

Got a problem? Dial our number and our technician will connect with you to resolve all the issues, while you enjoy your day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which are the best linksys routers for home?

Linksys WRT54G

The WRT54G has been a standout amongst the most well known models of Linksys switches supporting the 802.11g, b, and a principles with max throughput rates of up to 54 MB/second. Linksys has tended to the common router issues through this firmware refreshes. At the point when acquired new, the router establishment disc strolls end- clients through Linksys setup wizard utilizing an arrangement that incorporates default security proposals.

Linksys WRT610N

The WRT 610N is one of the principal double band wifi routers available and created by Linksys. It supports both 2.4 and 5 Ghz channels for customers at the same time and is intended to fill in as a system joined capacity gadget when associated with an outside hard drive by means of USB port. Linksys has likewise conveyed media improved systems administration innovation to help smoother spilling of top notch video, music, and constant gaming.

Linksys e4200

The Linksys e4200 wifi router double band N at 2.4 and 5 Ghz with a 450 MB/second throughput in the 5 Ghz band. It accompanies a USB port for shared capacity and has a worked in UPnP AV media server. The switch additionally has a USB 2.0 port that enables backings outer joined system stockpiling and gives similarity the 80211.n, g, b, and a principles

How to get support for Linksys

Call Us

Immediately interface with our specialists from wherever you are. Our confirmed experts are the principal purpose of contact when you contact us on our tollfree number. Along these lines, you don't need to attend to the telephone. You are associated with the professional and he will promptly begin chipping away at your system issues.

Live Chat Support

Visit our site to get a complimentary chat support from our technician. Like as on account of a call, a specialist will associate with you in the live session and let you know how to deal with your system mistakes.

Get Assistance Through Email

Can't associate with us on a call? You can plan a web based meeting with our specialists. Just send us an email and specify your issue quickly, telling about your worry and your contact number to contact you. Our experts will dissect and hit you up at the earliest opportunity.

Join Online Help Session

Our online help sessions is good to go to put a grin on a huge number of families over the United States. We guarantee that you make the most of your Linksys device and Wi-Fi extenders by getting you out of the systems administration bottlenecks. You don't have to take your gadgets outside your home. Our expert will associate with you on the web and enable you to determine the issues while you are at your home.

What are the functions of the menu tabs?

Setup– Entry path for setup of DHCP service, Internet connection, DDNS, MAC Address clone, and advanced router features.

Wireless– Setting up wireless security and MAC filter settings

Security– For setting up the firewall

Access Restriction– Setup to keep a check on outbound or inbound Internet traffic and hosts

Application and Gaming – This allows publication of internal servers on the web of DMZ feature, and management of quality of service on the local network.

Administration– This tab supports router access, security, logging, and default settings configuration restoral, and diagnostic testing.

Status– This tab displays the local and wireless network as well as status

linksys support